January 24 2020

Wildly Delicious, Plant based Ice Cream brand RØAR® to launch

Wildly Delicious, Plant based Ice Cream brand RØAR® to launch

Ice Cream manufacturer Froneri launch indulgent Plant based ice cream with a social conscious.

Worldwide ice cream manufacturer, Froneri, are launching an indulgent plant-based ice cream brand that’s wildly delicious, helps save endangered wild cats and encourages its consumers to ‘find their wild’.

RØAR® is about a conscious mindset, social responsibility and caring for animal welfare.  Research has found plant-based meal occasions have increased 37% in the past four years and an increase in consumer demand has seen a 92% increase of plant-based meals being eaten by non-vegans1. Responding to this growing trend, the brand will be aimed at an audience who live a balanced lifestyle; those who are looking to indulge whilst still making responsible food choices. As a result, a combination of high-profile endorsements, outdoor, online, social media and in store activations will all support the launch further.

Wildly delicious and indulgent, RØAR® marries high quality plant-based ingredients with the luxurious flavours of Hazelnut, Coconut and Chocolate. The range does not contain palm oil and all cocoa is UTZ Certified. Three flavours will be available at launch:

‘The most important thing for us was the taste. It had to taste incredible and be indulgent without compromise. People deserve a super-premium, plant-based ice cream experience that delivers. It’s extremely complex to achieve and not many can get it right.’

Hazelnut Chocolate Cookie

Decadent and Luxurious. Made with hazelnut paste combined with handpicked raw salted hazelnuts and indulgent chocolate cookie pieces made with UTZ Certified cocoa.

Coconut Mango Passionfruit Oat Cookie

Creamy and Tropical. A coconut-based ice cream with a mango & passionfruit swirl, a hint of lemon and combined with generous crunchy oat cookies.  

Hemp Seed Chocolate Brownie

Rich and Chewy. Chocolate ice cream made with UTZ Certified Cocoa base generously

packed with large chunks of chewy chocolate brownie and hemp seeds.


“With as few as four dozen significant breeding populations left in the world, tigers need guaranteed protection in order for the species to have any chance at survival”

Dr. John Goodrich (Chief Scientist) Panthera

RØAR®’s animal welfare expands beyond ingredients with a long-term partnership with Panthera supporting the TIGERS FOREVER fund. Panthera is the only organisation in the world devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s wild cats with the TIGERS FOREVER fund aiming to increase tiger numbers by at least 50% over a ten-year period. RØAR® is a financial sponsor of Panthera and supports all their initiatives on education and awareness.


We created this brand for the super-premium ice cream lover. We are plant based because it tastes good, and it also does good. We want more people to unleash their taste buds and indulge their wild side with this truly delicious ice cream.  

RØAR® will be available in selected stores in the United Kingdom & Finland. See roaricecream.com for more details.




Following the launch of our new plant-based ice cream RØAR, we spoke to the Dairy Reporter to discuss the new product and the partnership with not-for-profit organisation Panthera’s TIGERS FOREVER fund.

Listen to the podcast here: https://www.dairyreporter.com/Article/2020/02/26/Dairy-Dialog-podcast-71-Froneri-s-ROEAR-PreScouter-and-Danone