September 06 2022

Rowntree’s Ice-lollies: The Go-To for When HFSS Comes into Play.

Rowntree’s Ice-lollies: The Go-To for When HFSS Comes into Play.

When the sun is shining, so should you, with HFSS compliant Rowntree’s lollies.

With the new HFSS (high in fat, sugar, and salt) legislation coming into action from the 1st of October 2022, number one ice-lolly brand Rowntree’s is ready for the changes that are coming into play. At Rowntree’s, they believe that each bite is a moment to embrace, and with the brand being well-loved and trusted for more than 140 years, Rowntree’s fruit juices do just that, whilst being HFSS friendly.

Fruit and fun – that’s Rowntree’s! Real fruit juices go into the entire range – which includes the *second biggest SKU in the entire ice-lolly category, Fruit Pastilles. Despite this, Rowntree’s ensures that taste is not compromised as this is the number one priority to the household brand.

Offering a wide variety of choice; the Rowntree’s range includes Fruit Pastilles, Push-ups, Watermelon lollies and the Fruit Stack. Shining light on real fruits, big flavours, and no artificial ingredients, Rowntree’s set out to make the world a brighter place, one lolly at a time. When October 1st inevitably hits, consumers can continue to enjoy a Fruit Pastilles lolly knowing it contains real fruit juice, has no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives and 53 kcals per serving, making it a tasty alternative to other, more indulgent treats.

It's no wonder these deliciously fruity lollies are the nation’s favourite when taste goes uncompromised whilst ticking the HFSS boxes.  

Rowntree's products are available from £1.75 across UK stores.


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