May 06 2020

Nuii Peace Project

At NUII, we are committed to preserving our fragile environment and uplifting local communities. That is why we are excited to announce the #NuiiPeaceProject, in partnership with @wildarkglobal and @EHRANamibia, to help safeguard the critically endangered desert-adapted elephants of Namibia, and support the people who live alongside them.

Only 150, uniquely, desert-adapted elephants remain in the Erongo Region of Namibia, due to elephant-human conflict. These elephants find themselves in conflict with humans over food and water. The #NUIIPeaceProject aims to foster a peaceful co-existence between humans and elephants. We are building a Co-Existence Education Centre run by the local people to enable communities to learn about elephant behaviour and how to protect themselves, and their livelihoods during elephant encounters. We are also installing 20 solar-powered water pumps to increase free access to water for both people and elephants across the region.

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