February 01 2022

Cadbury Darkmilk – Creamy vanilla ice cream with the richest creamiest chocolate centre.

Launched in February 2022, this exciting product appeals to the adults in the household, bridging the gap for desire to taste a darker, richer chocolate. Appealing to adults within the family, the Darkmilk has a creamy vanilla ice cream with the richest creamist chocolate ceentre.

The Darkmilk range marks the latest launch from Cadbury ice cream which already includes household favourites including Dairy Milk, Flake 99 and Buttons.

Cadbury is the number one grocery brand in the UK1, the 4th biggest brand in ice cream, growing ahead of the category2, and is set to strengthen its market share with the new Darkmilk ice cream.

1 – The Grocer, Britain’s biggest brands, March 2021

2 – Nielsen Total Coverage, 52WE 15.05.2021, Value